Jill Kassidy is one of the sexiest blonde pornstars in america

Jill Kassidy Info

Name Jill Kassidy
Birth date February 18, 1996
Birth Location Dallas, in Texas
Height 5’6” (about 168 cm)
Measurments 34B-28-35
Number of movies 50+ and counting

The early life

Jill Kassidy is one of the most popular amateur pornstars from America. She was born in Dallas, Texas on the 18th of February in 1996. Like many pornstars of her age, she joined porn only by accident. She was selling timeshare in San Antonio prior to joining the porn industry. However, she did consider joining when she was in her formative years. Many of her friends did suggest to her to consider joining, for she had all the looks to make a fabulous pornstar. She never considered herself working though sales pitches, some of them boring and lasting up to a couple of hours and even more. She also did odd jobs, like work in a restaurant, as a hostess and at Applebee, in addition to Starbucks. However, one person’s loss is another person’s gain. And this time, the porn industry gained a rising starlet who is here to stay for a long time.

Jill has carved a name and niche for herself since her debut a couple of years ago, in 2016. Jill has been a connoisseur of porn and had been following her porn idols, Riley Reid and Mia Khalifa. This gave her an idea of what to expect in the porn industry on joining. She always fantasized being like them in real life too. That was her inspiration to join the porn industry.

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Her Career in the porn industry

Jill’s first porn scene was an all-girl scene for Net Video Girl. Well, she was nervous at first, but the production company ensured that she was comfortable. And the video turned out to be among the finest she has ever featured in. And since this debut, she has risen in stature with every movie, video and scene she has performed in. She landed up this opportunity when she broke up with her boyfriend and sent in her papers to LA Direct Models. And boy, weren’t they happy to see her. She immediately got this offer, which she lapped up very eagerly.

Jill loves people watching her when she is having sex. It kind of gives her a kick to better enjoy sex. After her debut, she has had the opportunity to act and perform in over 50 exclusive porn videos and scenes, the top ones of which include ILikeMyNewStepsister, SurrenderToSeduction and NaturalBeauties4, among others. In each of these scenes and videos, she has proved why she is second to none. She adores sex and whether it is porn or otherwise, nothing can stop her from giving her best to all her lovers.

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