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Welcome! You are viewing the introduction and imprint of the Top Porn Sites where you may find information about our reviewers’ team, and about the methods we use to create those well-readable and thorough reviews. If you are a regular reader of our site, you won’t be surprised to know that we are working on the edge of the adult industry.

We don’t make porn movies ourselves, but we have good relations with players of this arena, which we can thank only to our abilities: the owners and webmasters respect our opinion. Since we bring determined and really valuable visitors to their sites, the companies and individuals grant us great discounts, so we advise you to join the site you like to form our site. This way you can help yourself by saving significant amounts (up to $10 per month!), and you can help us sustain the site.

To make sure that we always have the best offers for you, we are constantly in touch with the reviewed sites, and to keep our reviews up-to-date, we return at least once a month. We find it utterly important to help you in saving, since with today’s economy, no one can afford to spend money without a good reason, and every penny counts.

Our identity

We are certain that you are interested in our team’s build-up. So, let’s see. We are a team of different professionals. Usually, there is the 7-8 person in our office; the rest works from his/her home office. Since we have dedicated computers with only the necessary software on them, some members of our team can only work from the office, to secure the information we have (especially our login credentials for the sites).

You might ask why to go through this much trouble? Well, our team of talented and horny individuals loves porn. They might come from different fields, like journalism, teaching, music but we also have here people who have a degree but had to resort to factory working. We all try to break out, and believe us; we have been there too. We know how bad it feels when you are alone, got hardly any money after paying the bills, and there isn’t even a real porn channel to enjoy and make your trouble go away for a while. But, with our help, a bit sparkle of change is there: with the great discounts we get, you can save money, and our reviews will help you to find what you seek.

The evaluation criteria

The lads who test the sites’ features and UX are responsible for collecting everything they can: this information ranges from the functionality of the menus to the resolution of the videos, and includes things like the streaming- or downloading speed, testing the comment and rating features. Every part of a site goes under our magnifying glass. As we are in contact with the site owners we usually get a free pass for our first review of the site, and providing this pass is the sign of honesty. Those websites who hide something, or aren’t honest about their claims are not giving us free passage into the members’area.

Among our members, you can find some guys and gals with good to excellent writing. They are really important parts of our team, because, without their knowledge and skills, our reviews would consist of short sentences and dry data – they are the ones who convert information into a finely shaped review, which is good to read. We always do a background check, which means we check the studio, the company, and its owners. Usually, we take a look at other reviews, and members comments on forums and blogs to find the critical points to we need to inspect. Most adult sites have affiliate programs, and we also check those, so fellow webmasters can see which are the best opportunities out there. As the paid porn sites are online entities, we use algorithms so decipher related data, just like PR, WhoIs, or domain information.

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